About Me

Rudi Mehta is a photographer and a storyteller from Bushey Heath Hertfordshire, UK.
You can see his work on Instagram, Facebook, Flickr and other social media platforms.
Having spent more then two decades selling Photographic equipment & audio/ visual products, I always knew I had passion and deep interest in photography, So, here I am getting behind the camera and enjoying all type of photography. My preference is headshots, portraiture, events, travel, commercial, fashion and natural or candid photography. B/W or colour, I promise you that every shot I take will have a underline story just to bring a bit of life into the photos. Lots more to say, so watch this space. 
My skills and eye for detail have developed throughout the years. I have been in the photographic field for more then 20 years and thought it’s about time I turn my hobby into a career. As a freelance Photographer, I have travelled the world with my camera and will share some moments I have captured a long the way. My style is natural, relaxed and easy going. I am hoping to soon incorporate the use of drones into my photography. Watch this space!